New Game+ Benefits


Continue the adventures of your Army of Tentacles in this post-campaign New Game+. Make that Sexy New Game+. As Perry Hollycraft, you are a new student at Miskatonic University. Young, innocent, and up for…. experimentation.

CONTINUE THE STORY: Starting off where the base game leaves off, you must help Riley finish his romance novel. Little does he know that what starts a silly little romp into waifus and tentacles being everywhere will quickly escalate into a reality-ending crisis.

What H.P. Lovecraft dating simulator would be complete without having to save the entire universe from eldritch and unfathomable horrors from beyond time itself?

ADVENTURES IN MISKATONIC UNIVERSITY!: From the spring play to the big homecoming game, experience the Real, Authentic Miskatonic University Experience! Three new acts, split up into the three quarters of a school year: Winter, Fall, and Spring!

A BUNCH OF NEW QUESTS!: What lengths will you go to secure the affections of Cthulhu and do other stuff? Will you do things related to the plot? WILL CTHULHU EVER NOTICE YOU????

MORE WORDS!: Combined with the base game, it brings the word count up from 29k to 55k! (Totally not counting repeated phrases)

30+ NEW ACHIEVEMENTS!: So you can show up all your Steam Friends! Also, to mark the date that YOU TOTALLY DATED CTHULHU!

Dungeon Chaser

Strategic Battle RPG, Dungeon Trackers

[Game Features]
▶ Collect hundreds of beautifully crafted creature cards!
– Over 380 creature cards and five attributes – Fire, Water, Wood, Light, and Darkness
– Buid the ultimate deck by enhancing and evolving your cards

▶ Easy controls and action-packed battle scenes!
– Chain powerful combos with intuitivie touch controls
– Time your attacks to activate the “BREAK” system for extra powerful combos

▶ Various immersive multiplayer modes!
– Challenge other players through the PvP mode in the Coliseum
– Take on the World Boss with your friends!

▶ Play strategically to show your strength!
– Assemble the most powerful party of creatures to tackle the infinite dungeon challenge

▶ Play with your friends!
– Take along a friend on each battle for additonal benefits

Farm Match

Are you able to Crush the farm? A new type of Match-3 game to break your mind! Compete against the clock and collect points while matching crops! But remember to match a crop on each tile of the grid until the time runs out. Two interesting logic combined in this cute game. Play it now. (Best experience on tablet devices)